Upcoming book fair


The Scholastic Book Fair is coming soon! Your child will visit the fair with his or her class, and will have an opportunity to purchase some of the latest award winning titles and current best sellers.
The attached flyer is only a small sample of what is available at the fair this year. To avoid confusion for your child, please write NO SUBSTITUTION on your child’s order form in the event a particular book is out of stock. The teachers and volunteers will assist your child in making a suitable substitution if their choice is not available. We will make every effort to order your requested selection or refund your money.
Below is your child’s scheduled day to attend the book fair. Checks may be written out to NBPTO (North Brookfield PTO).
​Please note there is tax charged on all purchases.

Monday, September 22nd ​​Wednesday, September, 24th ​
Mrs. Kirwin​9:00-9:20​Mrs. McGarry​9:00-9:20​
Ms. Buzzell​9:20-9:40​Mrs. Davis​9:20-9:40​
Mrs. Ahearn​9:40-10:00​Mrs. Shipman​9:40-10:00​
Mrs. Hicks ​​10:00-10:20​Ms. Suojanen​10:00-10:20​
Mr. Shelburne​10:20-10:40 Playgroup ​10:20-10:45
Ms. Kularski​10:40-11:00​​​
Tuesday, September, 23rd ​Thursday, September 24th ​
Ms. Sullivan​9:00-9:20​Mrs. Laflamme​9:00-9:20​
Mrs. Servant​9:20-9:40​Mr. Varney​​9:20-9:40​

Mrs. Lyons​9:40-10:00​Make-up​Anytime between
Mrs. Paolucci​10:00-10:20​ ​9:45-10:45

Family Night, Wednesday, September 24th
Join us from 5:30-7:30 in the bell area.

 Family night provides an opportunity to browse the current best sellers with your child.
 Help increase your child’s classroom library by purchasing a gift certificate for a classroom teacher.

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