Grade 5 books recommended by kids


Today I spent a few moments with our fifth graders and found out what they were reading! Here are a few of the highlights…

I survived series by Lauren Tarahis- great characters that bring you to major events..
The Darkest Path- a Hunger Game style book
The books to Elsewhere– mystery genre, series style book
The Fault in our Stars– Hazel finds a boy with similar problems and they become really good adventure style book
Spy X- highly recommended –mystery book
Where the Red Ferns — highly recommended– loves the action and suspense
Unexpected- lots of short stories-
Guinea Dog- humorous– loves animals and wants to see how this adventure turns out
Things Not Seen– highly recommended — suspense
Wild Life- highly recommended- adventure- a book for the inner hunter
Hoot– Highly recommended- adventure story about making a TV show

A few books we are reading in grade 5 RIGHT NOW!….

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