5 Quick Things with a Hard working NB Mother and Daughter


5 Quick Things with Ms. Cutrumbes

She has a beautiful 1 year old daughter Zoey
She is a North Brookfield Alumna…2003
Both her mom and dad work on the North Brookfield school campus
She was basically born and raised in NB
Her favorite vacation spot is Walt Disney world but she literally loves family vacation
Her favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom is the Buzz Lightyear Ride
Her favorite food is Chinese food from a “little joint in Leicester”

Miss Lisa–
She loves all types of birds but hummingbirds are her favorite. She has 15 feeders
She is a “neat freak” perfectionist
Happy grandma that loves her grand baby
Disney is her all time favorite place! She has been there 15 times– she simply loves to walk around all the parks but has a special place for Donald Duck in her heart
This year is her 30th wedding anniversary! And she is going to Disney World….

Thanks so much for your family Quick 5 times 2.



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