Turnaround is a go! And a Picture with Lise Zeig!


This afternoon I spent one of my last major moments as the Team Leader of the Athol RBSS Turnaround Team. Beginning in late March, I was fortunate to work alongside several amazing educators as we brainstormed, researched, spent countless hours together on google docs, many nights until 11:30 (my wife says this is generous understatement) writing a turnaround strategic plan and finally today the finish line is crossed. Today my team presented the turnaround plan to the state and offered areas of clarification to move the “living document” forward. I cannot thank Vicki M. and Jeff F. enough for all your hard work. I cannot say I enjoyed every minute because it was extremely stressful at times, but I thank you for all the late night laughs. As I reflected after the meeting and explained my principal change with Lise Zeig, Associate DESE Commissioner, I told her that I was very happy with the document we wrote and presented to the state, but I was really looking forward to leading my new school in North Brookfield. As I parted ways with my DSAC friends for the last time, we said goodbyes, good luck, and I thanked them so much for all the growth and insights they have provided over the past two years and as I wished them so long and I would see them soon, Bruce replied, “I hope not!” Then as I drove home I thought about the journey and the many challenges that face level 3 -4 schools and the support they receive for improvement. I thought of my school friends that I sat with at DSAC meetings, some I knew from NISL, and the conversations about moving school districts forward. Bruce, I won’t see you soon and I won’t forget what you have taught me.


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