The Little Engine that Could


As the seasons change and thoughts of summer begin to sneak into the minds of students, parents, and teachers, it’s important to begin to reflect on our journey. This weekend I read The Little Engine that Could to my kids. I started to realize how easy it is to be the engine that is too tired, too distracted, or just disinterested. We have all worked so hard meeting new challenges head on this year. The kids learned numerous and new close reading strategies and are on the road to amazing. The teachers learned new ways to effectively meet the needs of an effective learner and are teaching magnificently. Through it all, we have really changed the way RCS learns. Although I feel tired, I hear that engine wanting to finish the hill strong and celebrate our success in learning and reaching for a little more. Let’s make the end of the year memorable. I think We can… I think We can.. l know We will… I know We will!!!


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