Teacher appreciation! Part 1


RCS is an amazing school. We have great kids, supportive parents, outstanding community support, and incredible teachers. I cannot count the amount of times I have heard, “We have the best teachers!”

Mr. Snell can be found at RCS at all hours of the night almost 7 days a week, preparing for the weeks and months well ahead of time. His kids love the connection they have with him. He treats every kid as if they are his own! And he makes learning an adventure!

Mrs. Knechtel is always the first to arrive at school. No one really knows what time she gets there and many times her car is covered with the morning dew. She works so hard meeting the needs of all her students. She is caring and amazing to listen to as she shares her read aloud stories creating a picturesque world as she reads.

Mr. Hains is definitely not a spectator! He has very high expectations for all students and will never give up on them. His room is filled with supportive deep thinking and wonder. He takes risks that open the door for students to feel comfortable and safe answering a challenging question. He constantly incorporates new ideas to engage students differently.

Mrs. Stimson makes learning fun! Whether it is reading, writing, or math she always finds new ways of challenging the students. Her room provides many comfy areas that find students reading quietly to themselves. An hour later the students are working in groups using manipulatives and talking about math. She always knows how to find the baby wildlife and share the springtime experience with kids.

Mrs. Hughes loves working with all the kids. She helps out whoever she can. The kids enjoy working with her in large and small groups. She loves to share stories of her cats!

Mrs. Carnie is RCS. She loves to share her adventures in learning with the students. Listening to her read aloud is the highlight of so many kids that pass through the doors of RCS. She always has a snack for the kids that forgot theirs and no one leaves without smiling at least 10 times a day! She teaches us to be respectful, kind, and most importantly loving!

……….tune in tomorrow as we finish off the bottom floor and praise the efforts of so many other special people that help make RCS the school that it is!








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