Slice of life– Reading is awesome


Anticipation— Today’s highlight was reading my new book “Where is my hat!” to the kindergarten. The students waited patiently for me to arrive on what has become my weekly venture into their room to read a new book. I was so hopeful they would enjoy it. Today I went in with a very funny book I was hoping we would all share a few laughs together. As I read, I love to see their faces as I peer over the edge of the book. I share the pictures and continue to read on. They wait patiently and listening intently as I turn the pages of the book ever so slowly. Sometimes reading really fast, sometimes reading very slow, and sometimes stopping right in the middle of a line to pause. It’s the pause I like best as a reader. I know by the look on their faces that they are piecing together what they hope will come next. They laugh at the fish, some students hope the little fish gets away with the hat while others hope the big fish gets his hat back. They laugh harder when they see the crab pointing to give away the secret. Soon the book is done… Right before I left I challenged them to write how the larger fish was able to get his hat back. I left them with the promise their stories would decorate the hall right when you walk into the building. I left them with the book. Now it is I who will wait with hopes of having them share their stories with me. It’s Monday and now I can’t wait for their stories on Friday…..I guess that’s anticipation and that’s what I like best about erasing to my kindergarteners….by the way Next week is Mr. Tiger Goes Wild! It came today:)

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