Slice of life day 3- patience


Mondays for me always are the most exciting day of the week. It’s the chance when all the hours of preparation from a weekend of looking a data and wondering about how I’m going to make a difference this week come rushing together.

Patience- Although I love Mondays and the growing anticipation to start the week patience is necessary. As I witnessed a teacher ask a question to a student. Instantly lots of other hands shot up, but she was patient and allowed him to think about his response. To his classmates the time seemed like hours as they waited patiently for the teacher to call on them. The teacher patiently waited and asked the question in a different way. Still the student sat and pondered as if he was alone. More hands go up after the second prompt clarified the instructions for them. And the seconds that seemed liked hours passed. Soon the hopeful student gave an answer, “tall”. And the teacher responded with a supportive try again. “Make sure you cross check your answer. Does it match the picture? Does it match the word? Does it match the sound.” She repeated. Student hands shot up again and the teacher waited patiently. “I’m going to use a strategy, “eagle eye.” The student thought out loud. And the student patiently looked over the picture and responded, “tail.” The teacher approved of the answer with a high five. You could see the feeling of accomplishment wash the face the student who was patiently provided the time to think and strategize. The teacher could easily have jumped to another student to received the appropriate answer and continue with the lesson, but instead she patiently waited the extra 40 seconds for the student to be successful.

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