Slice of life day 1


Today I start my slice of life challenge. The challenge offers a person the opportunity to blog once a day about events that inspire life. My posts will focus on events that take place between our walls at RCS.
Smile- Today a student in our school made my smile. She was so proud of her accomplishment to create a comic book during her week of school vacation. She had amazing drawings and a story that was awe inspiring. She was so proud and her smile was so big because of her work. After years of frustration she has finally realized that there are so many people in her corner that are supportive and really care. Her present teacher is extremely loving and builds so many wonderful connections his smile was almost as big as hers. He could not wait for me to stop in and see how the kids were doing to share this fantastic moment. I could not be more proud and I think that she represents everything great about our our school. Thanks for making me smile and being apart of my first days challenge.

6 thoughts on “Slice of life day 1

  1. It is moments like these that teachers live for, breathe for, wish for and once in a while we get them. The rarity of such a special moment makes it one to hold on to a little tighter. Glad you are joining the challenge. This community is made of part inspiration part amazing.

  2. What a great literacy moment, and it sounds like the student found a way to be engaged and successful in a medium (comics) that tapped their interests.

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