Welcome back! And Principal Podcast #1 “RCS Podcasts”


Welcome back! Many of you including my family, are out gathering those materials that make going back to school exciting and shopping for that perfect back to school outfit. Honestly, I cannot wait for the first day. I always get really excited about the first day of school. This year is no exception. Soon I get to meet lots of new students that have heard about all the wonderful aspects of being an RCS student and decided to travel up the various hills around us. Not only that I also get to be part of the bucket filling of many of the incoming kindergarteners as they take their first steps of learning.

Over the summer I have changed many things about the appearance of RCS. As a principal, I travel into many schools in lots of districts in Massachusetts and every where I travel. I love to look in and visit schools and see what they are up to. One common theme I found was openness as you entered into the schools. With this in mind I came back with an open feel perspective and took a deep look at our school. Don’t get me wrong RCS is the nicest school in central Massachusetts, but when I walked in I was not satisfied. I think you will like the changes. I also looked at the office. I removed a few filing cabinets and added a huge whiteboard and hopefully made it much more comfortable for those taking a peek, stopping by to say hello, or helping out in the classrooms. I am a huge fan of motivational thoughts and my goal was to include one motivational thought of the day, the calendar, and the higher order questioning skill we will focus on that week. We have lots of learning, exciting activities, and challenges that lie ahead. I know together we will do great things. I set a goal to make RCS the best school in Massachusetts. It is a lofty goal, but with dedication, determination, and discipline I know we can accomplish this goal together.

See you soon! Principal Leander

Welcome to my first ever RCS Principal podcast “Why I Blog”.

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