New RCS Common Core Blog for Parents


Today I spent my time crossing off a major summer goal of mine, getting the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in a form that would be easy to understand for students and parents. With a lot of help form teachers helping parents I was able to create a blog that will only focus on the CCSS.

Why create a new blog?
The answer is simple, accountability. Everyone needs to be accountable to these standards. A the principal, my main job is to assure the students a learning exactly what the state has mandated us to teach. It is the teachers responsibility to assure the students are receiving the required content in a way each individual student will learn and be able to use this knowledge. Students need to relate the information that has been presented and showcase their ability to use it. As parents, your role is to check the common core standards, extend your child’s interests at home, and ask them questions about not what they learned today, but how did you apply the new knowledge.

It is essential that as a team we work together to provide the best education for each student.

The new blog will be called Common Core Standards for Parents and can be found by clicking the link or typing

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