Teacher Appreciation Week part 2


As a school we are so lucky to have so many dedicated teachers of our staff. It has been so great to reconnect, get to know, and watch so many wonderful educators this year.

Mrs. Stimson, thank for working so hard building your classroom library and making reading fun for the kids. All the hands on projects that you do in your room makes learning not only fun, but also engaging for students. I know the students and parents were also glad to see you at the talent show and to watch them step out of their comfort zone.

Mrs. Carnie, thanks for being such a wonderful and creative teacher. The morning routine that has every kid share a story and say good morning is fantastic and a great way of establishing the RCS community. You make learning exciting and leave kids full of wonder about their tomorrow’s. thanks for sharing your passion of poetry with our students.

Mr. Hains, thanks for making everyday exciting for the students to come to RCS. The read-a-louds leave everyone full of wonder and the level of expectation you set for each kid really raises their own personal bar for achievement. Thank you for trying so many new ideas. Thanks for always having the students best interest in mind and never settling for anything less.

Mrs. Knetchel, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm about reading with your class. They truly enjoy the books and are always excited to read. Thanks for creating so many interactive opportunities for students to create and be able to see and touch ideas and concepts with their own hands. Your sense of humor allows learning to be fun for everyone.

Mr. Snell, thanks for caring about every kid in the school! Thanks for allowing the teachers to wonder what will be hanging on the walls at every turn and showcasing all the learning that takes place under your guidance. Thanks for always going above and beyond for you students by attending concerts, bingo, and sleepovers. You always interact with kid and give them positive direction.

One thought on “Teacher Appreciation Week part 2

  1. Teacher appreciation is also principal appreciation! We appreciate all the new and great ideas that you have brought to RCS. You have been extremely supportive of the staff, students, and parents at our school and we all look forward to year two with you.

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