Water issue at RCS


Although it is April 1st and many play pranks on this day, the news I have for you is real. On Friday we had Wreck it Ralph Night and just as we were closing in on the end a student approached me about not having water to wash their hands. I went to check and sure enough not a drop. Upon inspecting the lower basement that houses all the components to run the school two different alarms were going off and the well pump showed no pressure. Needless to say, RCS does not have water. Mr. Scott and numerous others have worked really hard throughout the weekend and into Monday so we can have school on Tuesday.

What will I need to bring to school if I made your lunch?
We will have school lunch as usual.
Bottled Water will be provided throughout the school.
Bathroom facilities will be operational as normal.

We will not be able to drink the water on Tuesday due to the chlorine in the water. The water is safe, but will not taste good.

Will we have to make this day up?
At this point the answer is no, BUT that may change.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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