Surviving Daylight Savings Time Tips


I found this article on Twitter this morning. the whole article is out of Consumer Reports, but I tried to pull some relevant information. Don’t forget to Spring Ahead tonight.

5 tips for surviving daylight saving time

The hour of sleep you’ll lose Sunday morning when your clock springs forward might do more than just make you cranky. Some research suggests it translates into more car crashes and even heart attacks on Monday morning, thanks to worsened sleep deprivation. But a few simple steps might help smooth the transition.
Don’t take a nap today. That way, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep early tonight, making it easier to wake up early tomorrow.
Exercise. Working out today might also help tucker you out, and exercise, especially earlier in the day, seems to improve sleep.
Get outside early tomorrow. A little sun on your face, especially early in the day, can help your body’s circadian rhythm get back in sync.
Embrace your new schedule. Try to eat meals at your usual time, and follow other habits according to schedule, too. The that will help you adapt to the time switch faster.
Be alert. Take a little extra time on Monday morning to get yourself out the door, and pay extra attention on the road. After all, you won’t be the only drowsy driver on the road.

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